Sole2Soul Sisters Leader Inquiries

To Current and/or Future leaders:

Sole2Soul Sisters is a faith-based service organization, founded in Daphne, Alabama by a group of members of Jubilee Baptist Church.  Sole2Soul Sisters has a Christian foundation; nevertheless, we invite members of other faiths to participate.  It is our belief that serving the true and living God means serving His needs by serving others. Therefore, the Sole2Soul Sisters strive to provide an environment where ladies can regularly jog, achieve their fitness goals, and meet other ladies to ‘become a friend’ to those who might need a Christian influence in their lives.

The overarching mission Of Sole2Soul Sisters is to help women (sorry boys, this is for women only) cope with life’s issues by creating an environment to help them improve their physical and spiritual lives.  The physical part starts with running (or jogging) by following the Couch to 5K Program.  In other words, get off the couch and start running.  In the first year alone, the number of runners in Sole 2 Soul Sisters grew from 60 women to over 300, as locations sprang up in Mobile, Robertsdale and Fairhope.

We encourage our members to run with regularly scheduled running groups for safety reasons, and because group support makes it easier to keep it up.  We encourage all members to run local races ranging from 5K runs to half-marathons and full-marathons.  Finishing a race and improving running times bolsters the ego, and running becomes a physical bond among the members.

We all know that there is a positive correlation between physical health and spiritual heath.  Good physical health promotes better sleep, better diet, mental alertness, personal satisfaction.  All of these factors contribute to spiritual well-being by helping us see the brighter side of life.  We see more of the good that God provides and we are better able to cope with challenges.  Our group supports everyone as we share experiences, insights and occasionally advice.

Sole2Soul Sisters is growing and we need more leaders to organize runs, communicate with running groups, help set training routines, keep membership records, and other tasks that unify and provide direction.  We do not expect our leaders to be professional therapists or physical trainers; we are lay people in this regard whose goal is to provide an environment where we can help each other improve.  Following is an outline of characteristics we look for in our leaders.

1.      Leaders must set the example by demonstrating Christian character in the community.

2.      Leaders must be actively involved in their church.

3.      Leaders must be at every group meeting, or arrange for a substitute if necessary by notifying Katrina Hanks.  Each group must have at least one steady group meeting each week at a location where every runner is visible.

4.      Leaders must maintain back-up plans for group runs in case of bad weather.

5.      Leaders facilitate the Couch-to-5K program.  Cross training and training for runs longer than 5K are encouraged, however, they are outside the purview of this program.

6.      Leaders must communicate frequently with the group (once/week) with copy to

7.      Leaders must maintain a current roster, including email addresses, and file a copy with the president.

8.      Leaders must provide a training schedule, although someone other than the leader could draft the schedule.

9.      Leaders must remember that the training schedule is for the benefit of the group.  The leader might have to reserve personal training for a time other than group runs.

10.  Leaders can encourage ladies to bring their children to enforce healthy life-styles, and exercise; however, it is the responsibility of the parent to monitor their child.

11.  Leaders are not training experts.

12.  The leader is responsible for warming up the group, stretching, calling out times for runs, cooling down, communicating information about shirt or bondi band orders, and providing race information for the runners.

13.  The logo and name are trademarked, and copyrighted.  For our protection, the leaders must get approval from the president anytime these are used.

14.  If any rules or regulations change, the leader will receive information and communicate such to the group.

15.  Leaders must set the example by demonstrating ethical and moral character in the community, treating Sole2Soul Sisters as a ministry focused on fulfilling God’s calling for us.

If the above characteristics reflect your interest in being a sole2soul leader, please submit  the following questionnaire and email of interest to


Leader Questionnaire